Charlotte and I are taking a microbiology class this semester. If we didn’t think it was important before, we definitely do now!

Microbiology is the study of life at the microscopic level. The microorganisms we have studied include bacteria, archaea, fungi, algae, and protozoa. Although viruses are not living, they are often included among microbes because of their microscopic size. They have a minuscule genome and are dependent upon living cells, but are extremely important and should never be underestimated. After all, a virus is responsible for the pandemic we are now facing.

From what Charlotte and I have learned, bats carry numerous members of the coronavirus family and scientists have warned about their potential risks. A hypothesis is that one of those viruses mutated, allowing it to infect humans and resulting in COVID-19. The mutation gave the spike glycoproteins on its surface the ability to recognize and tightly bind to the ACE2 protein in humans.

We are now depending on scientists and health professionals more than ever and greatly appreciate everyone who is helping out. In the future, we hope to be among the scientists who dedicate their lives to serving humanity. For now, we are doing our part by staying home, taking care of each other, working hard in school and gaining the experience we need to grow and succeed.



Charlotte preparing a wet mount.


Abriella viewing the slide Charlotte prepared under the microscope.


Pictures of what Abriella and Charlotte were able to see under the microscope!

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