Let it Snow

The past few weeks have definitely felt like winter! The view of the snowy mountains from our home is amazing! It has been raining a lot and colder than usual, which really put Charlotte in the mood for winter activities. The heavy traffic she found herself in while going up Mt. Baldy proved that she was not the only one. Everyone wanted to see the snow!IMG_2394-best


Charlotte finally made it less than an hour before sunset!


In the middle of the snow stood a huge snowman! It was very well made and Charlotte wondered how many people it took to build it.



The snowman inspired Charlotte to make her own.


Building a snowman was much harder than Charlotte thought, but she still managed to do it! The snowman had everything it needed: three large snowballs, a carrot nose, stick arms and eyes!


Charlotte wished for it to snow as she has never seen snowfall, but nonetheless it was a magical experience!


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