Friday Harbor

The main destination of our trip to Washington was San Juan Island. To get there, we took a ferry to Friday Harbor. The most enjoyable part of the ferry ride was seeing the ports we were departing from and arriving to. It is something to look at a port while on the land and another to look at it from the water. Of course we also took great pleasure in standing on the deck and breathing in the fresh air!

We were snuggled up in our coats on the ferry but as soon as we arrived, the weather was just right. The water sparking in the sunlight, white boats, colorful flowers, and cute buildings created a beautiful scene of the harbor. We even spotted a seal peaking at us right by the dock!

As I am usually in front of the camera, I thought it would be fun to switch things around. There was a wonderful view of the harbor from our table, so I took pictures of Charlotte while we waited for our lunch to arrive.








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