Spring Break

Last week was Spring Break for Charlotte, Daniella and I so we took advantage of the beautiful weather and spent the day at the park. We got some good exercise by walking around the lake and playing sports. Charlotte also brought the paint and canvas she got for her birthday and painted a lily pad. It was a great way to spend time off!



Abriella’s Outfit

Floral Ruffled Top: Abriella Animated

Jeans: Abriella Animated

Sandals: JoAnn










Daniella’s Outfit

Floral Peplum Top & Shorts: Abriella Animated

Flats: American Girl










Charlotte’s Outfit

Jeans Jacket: Abriella Animated

Yellow Tank Top: Abriella Animated

Lotus Flower Skirt: Abriella Animated

Sandals: JoAnn


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