A Typical Saturday

Everyone looks forward to the weekend, especially Saturdays! That is exactly how Charlotte and I feel. We always make sure to have fun and at the same time, make the most of the day.

Here is a typical Saturday for Charlotte and me.

Waking up:


Making a to-do list:DSC_0535

Having breakfast:


Getting dressed:

Taking Cupcake for a walk:IMG_7844modIMG_7842mod

Watering the plants:IMG_7882modDoing homework:IMG_7780IMG_7779

Having lunch:

Doing laundry:

Watching a movie (Inside Out):movietheaterDSC_0200modHaving dinner:DSC_0319modDSC_0307modReading:IMG_7642modIMG_7637

Checking off to-do list:

Going to bed:DSC_0361modDSC_0385

Are our Saturdays similar to yours?

Comment below!

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