The Beauty of Winter

I went to Snoqualmie Falls with Cupcake and the view was beautiful! We saw the waterfall from the top and then hiked down to the bottom. It was drizzling when we arrived, but the sun came out for a little and the rain stopped. We also have never seen so many dogs on a trail, which made Cupcake very excited!

We also went on a trail in Mount Si. Unfortunately, it was not snowing when we arrived, but it had been snowing earlier so there was some snow along the trail. We did not go all the way to the top because the trail was very long, steep and slippery. I really enjoyed the trail, though, because of all the trees, streams, rocks and snow. It was beautiful and so much fun to climb!

Abriella’s Outfit:

Hat and Scarf: DreamWorld Collections

Jacket: Our Generation

Tank Top: Abriella Animated

Boots: Our Generation

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