Getting Ready with the Girls

Daniella, Charlotte and I decided to go out for dinner on Saturday night since none of us had any plans. Daniella came over to our house and we all got ready together. The first thing we did was pick out our outfits, and based on our outfits we styled each other’s hair.

“Let’s start with you, Charlotte” Daniella said. “Something simple would like nice on you. What do you think about a small braid in the front?”

“Ya, sure! That will look nice with my dress.”

“And you can tie it at the bottom with the white bow,” I added.

“Great idea!” Daniella exclaimed as she began to braid Charlotte’s hair.

IMG_7460modw “Abriella, come see how it looks.”IMG_7461modw IMG_7462modw

“It’s beautiful! Great job, Daniella!” I told her.

Charlotte thanked Daniella and I took my turn after her.

IMG_7465modw “I think I’ll just brush your hair and leave it down. Are you okay with that?”

“Yes, that’s fine with me!”
IMG_7467modw IMG_7473modw IMG_7476modw“Thank you Daniella! My hair feels so much nicer.”

“Now it’s your turn!” Charlotte came over to help me with Daniella’s hair.

“I’ll do her makeup and you do her hair” I told Charlotte.

Daniella has beautiful curls so we decided to leave it as it was. We just pinned her hair back so it would not get in her face.

IMG_7477w IMG_7483w IMG_7489modw IMG_7495modw “Yay, we are all done!!” Charlotte exclaimed. “Let’s go get dressed now.”

Daniella hugged us, “Thank you girls!”
IMG_7504modw IMG_7514modw

Daniella’s Outfits:

  • PJS – Abriella Animated
  • Butterfly Bubble Dress – Abriella Animated
  • Sandals – JoAnn

Charlotte’s Outfits:

  • Monkey PJs – Abriella Animated
  • Dress – Abriella Animated
  • Sandals – JoAnn

Abriella’s Outfits:

  • Monkey PJs – Abriella Animated
  • Yellow & Black Dress – Abriella Animated
  • Black flats – Michaels

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