A Day at the Pool

Summer vacation is coming to an end so Charlotte and I are trying to enjoy our last week as much as possible. We spent yesterday at the pool swimming, talking, relaxing and enjoying the hot summer weather.
IMG_7195modwIMG_7194modwIMG_7191modwIMG_7215modw IMG_7210modw IMG_7205w IMG_7196w IMG_7221modw
“Are you excited for junior year?” I asked Charlotte.
“More nervous than excited, but I’m hoping for the best,” Charlotte replied.
“Me too.” I gave Charlotte a reasuring smile and we went to go get ready to swim.
I was already in the water when Charlotte came back.
“Is the water cold?” Charlotte asked.
“At first it was, but I am already used to it.”
Charlotte put her feet in the water and the two of us just sat there, enjoying each other’s company and the cool water.IMG_7290modwIMG_7288modw
We spent a couple of hours in the pool swimming laps, playing games, trying new tricks and talking. IMG_7248modw
When we were tired and ready to dry off, we lay on our beach reclining chair and then changed back into our clothes.
Abriella is wearing the same swim suit from my earlier post, Labor Day Weekend. Charlotte is wearing a new swim suit I made for her from the same pattern I made Abriella’s. The pattern is from http://www.beachbabydoll.com
Abriella’s outfit
Swim suit: Abriella Animated
Pants: Everyday Dollwear
Shorts (in the last four pictures): Abriella Animated
Sandals: JoAnn
Charlotte’s outfit
Swimsuit: Abriella Animated
Shorts: Abriella Animated
Pants (in the last four pictures): Everyday Dollwear
Sandals: JoAnn
I am trying to add dialogue to my posts to explain the pictures and make them into a story so please comment what you think and any suggestions you have.
I hope you enjoyed it!

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