Beach Trip with Daniella

I would like to introduce you all to Daniella, Abriella’s cousin! Abriella was so excited to see her cousin and introduce her to Charlotte. The three of them got along so well and are excited to spend more time together.

For my cousin’s birthday, I took her to the American Girl Store to buy a doll. It did not take long for her to settle on Caroline, whom she later renamed Daniella, because of her luscious, radiant hair and beautiful eyes. The next day we went to the beach and took pictures of our dolls together. Carrying three dolls around and setting each of them up for pictures was a challenge, especially because of all the wind and people at the beach, but it was worth it! They look great together.

Daniella, Abriella and Charlotte are all wearing their meet outfit.
IMG_7137wIMG_7081w IMG_7098modw IMG_7101w IMG_7106w IMG_7118w IMG_7132w IMG_7143w IMG_7154w IMG_7155w IMG_7159w IMG_7161w IMG_7165w

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