Ramadan Kareem

Ramadan is the ninth month of the lunar callendar in which Muslims fast from dawn to sunset.

Kareem is an arabic word that means generous.

Ramadan is a generous month because Muslims receive multiples of reward (more than they receive any other time of the year.)

The purpose of fasting is…

1. To develop and strengthen self control. Abstaining from food exercises the ability of self-restraint that can be applied to everyday life.

2. To become closer to God. Fasting is a reminder that God is very near because he is the only one who knows who has fasted for the whole day, as he sees everything. This acknowledgement intensifies the consciousness of God in the heart.

3. To learn to give. Fasting makes people understand the hardship of others who are suffering and in need and grateful for the blessings they have taken for granted.

IMG_5809modwIMG_5812wIMG_5824wAbriella and Charlotte are remembering God while they wait to break their fast at the masjid. They are holding sibhas, which is an arabic word for a string of beads. It helps them keep track of how many times they say tasbih, the glorification of God.IMG_5805wIMG_5831modwIMG_5799wThe sun has set and it is now time for Abriella and Charlotte to break their fast. The most common food for breaking fast is dates.

IMG_6726modw IMG_6729modw IMG_6735modw

Now that they broke their fast, it is time to pray Maghrib, the prayer that is performed after sunset. Abriella and Charlotte are lining up for prayer.
IMG_5794wAfter prayer, it is time to enjoy a delicious meal. Abriella and Charlotte are full from their meal and are now relaxing and drinking water to hydrate themselves for the next day’s fast. IMG_5908modwIMG_5898modwIMG_5889modwIMG_5855w

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