New Spring Outfits

Here are two new outfits I made during Spring Break…


I have been wanting to make shortalls for a long time and I finally did! I got the patterns I previously used to make shorts and tank tops to help me with my pattern. I was continuously putting the shortalls on Abriella as I was sewing it because that helped me figure out how much I needed to cut it and how big my seams should be. This was also my first time sewing buttons which was very exciting! I love the way the shortalls turned out and hopefully will be making another one soon!

IMG_4500w IMG_4528w IMG_4535w IMG_4546w IMG_4570w

Charlotte is wearing her Ballerina outfit with leggings and shoes from American Girl. I used the pattern for her shirt from Scientific Seamstress and made the skirt without a pattern. I just cut out a long strip of material, hemmed the edges, folded the top over and put elastic through it, and sewed the ends together.

IMG_4625modw IMG_4642w IMG_4651modw IMG_4655modw IMG_4661modw IMG_4668modw


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