Peplum Skirt

A made this skirt a while back and made a post about it, but I did not take any nice pictures with it on Abriella, so today I went to the park and took pictures!

This was my first skirt! Instructions from . The shirt came with a doll I bought when I was little. It’s about the same size as American Girl Dolls.

It was my first time going to this park and it was beautiful!

Enjoy… 🙂 IMG_2593 copy IMG_2596 copy IMG_2598 copy IMG_2603 IMG_2606 IMG_2611 copy IMG_2612 copy IMG_2621 IMG_2622 copy IMG_2629 IMG_2633 copy IMG_2649 copy IMG_2655 IMG_2664

3 thoughts on “Peplum Skirt

  1. It goes very nicely with the shirt! LOVE it!
    Will Abriella still be your main doll to show your new outfits on, or will your (later renamed) Samantha be in your pictures equally?
    What was your first piece of doll clothing that you bave ever sewn, and your favourite?

    1. Thank you so much!

      I was thinking about that, but haven’t decided yet. I think Abriella will be my main doll, but I will also make outfits for Samantha and take pictures of her.

      The first piece of clothing I made was a tube top that I actually turned into a skirt in the post “Windy Wednesday.” I made orange shorts to go with it which I have pictures of in the post “Onset of Autumn” and “Seashell Shirt.” I tried to make doll clothes before that, but I didn’t use patterns and I used scrap materials so they didn’t turn out nice haha.

      My favorite outfits I have sewn are my “Onset of Autumn” outfit and my “Falling for Fall” outfit. My “Onset of Autumn” outfit was one of the first I made and I am very proud of it because of that. My “Falling for Fall” outfit was the first time I made a long sleeve and actually sewed the sleeve on separately. What is your favorite?

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