Valentine’s Day

I took this picture for @forest.dolls ‘s photography competition because the theme this week was Valentine’s Day. I made Abriella a new dress for the occasion and embroidered a pink heart on it. I found some ribbon with my supplies so I used it as a belt. I used a t-shirt pattern for the size and made it longer and wider to turn it into a dress. I didn’t need instructions because I’ve made many shirts before and am getting more experienced.

These are the steps I used: (Tip: I always try the clothes I am making on Abriella throughout my sewing process to make sure the size is right. It’s easier to adjust the size before it’s all done. )

1. Trace the pattern of the front of the dress dress on the material you are going on use

2. Embroider the heart on the material where you want it to be (keep in mind that you are going to hem the dress so do not put it too close to the neck)

3. Cut out the front and two back pieces using existing patterns

4. Sew the shoulders of the front and back pieces together with right sides together

5. Hem the arms and neck

6. Fold the two back pieces over the front piece and with right sides together, sew from the arm to the bottom of the dress.

7. Hem the bottom of the dress.

8. Hem the two back pieces.

9. Sew Velcro on the back of the dress. (I cut the Velcro so that it went to Abriella’s waist, it’s up to you how long you want to make it but make sure you are able to put the dress on your doll without ripping the material)

10. Sew the remaining back pieces together (where the Velcro ends)

11. Tie a piece of ribbon or pin it at the back (I didn’t sew it on because I might want to use it for other outfits as a sash or any other type of accessory)

12. ALL DONE 😃


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