Glittering Green

Here is another warm outfit I made for Abriella. It is very cold in Southern California now and we are not used to it at all!

It is not clear in the picture, but the pants have a lot of glitter on them. Abriella leaves glitter behind everywhere she goes.

I used the Liberty Jane Clothing Basic Pants pattern and the Sew Knit Dolly Tees with Ease pattern from Scientific Seamstress. Because my material was not stretchy, the pants did not fit right at the waist and the shirt was a little tight in the back. My mistake! :\

Abriella is wearing a tank top (that I made before) underneath for extra warmth. Her boots are from American Girl.

IMG_0876 copy

9 thoughts on “Glittering Green

  1. I love your blog! Marie – Grace is so cute in her new clothes. Will you follow my blog?


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