New Year


2014 is a very special year for me because it is when I bought Abriella and created this blog. I have accomplished so many things in 2014 that I never thought I would have done. It has been a great year and hopefully 2015 will also bring great things!

For New Year’s Eve, I went horseback riding with my sister and went out for dinner with my family. We decided to go home after dinner because it was very cold out! We watched the ball drop in Times Square on TV.

My sister helped me make a crown for Abriella to celebrate the New Year!

IMG_1045 copyIMG_1075 copyIMG_1076 copy

5 thoughts on “New Year

      1. Have you had any problems with dark fabrics that stain your doll when you keep it on Abriella for a long time? Right now I’m very cautious and only use light colors but I wanted to make sure because I heard some rumours about permanent dye stains 😮
        Btw, Abriella is such a pretty, unique name. How did you find it?

      2. No, I haven’t had any problems but maybe its because I mainy use light colors. I’ve never heard anything about that. When I make clothes out of darker fabrics I’ll let you know. It might stain only if you decorate the shirt with paint or dye.

        Thank you! I went on Google and seached girl names haha. I just went through the list and wrote down names I really liked then chose 1 at the end 🙂

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