Pink & Black


I just finished my second fall outfit! I made the t-shirt, scarf, and pants. My mom got me the boots from Target. For the t-shirt, I used the pattern and directions from Liberty Jane Clothing T-Shirts Variation Pack. For the pants, I used the Liberty Jane Clothing Basic Pants Pattern that came with the Yoga Pants Pattern.

It rained for the first time in a while last night and this morning. The weather is also very windy!

IMG_0130mod copyIMG_0172mod copyIMG_0134mod copyIMG_0137 copyIMG_0194modcopyIMG_0191 copyIMG_0157 copy

3 thoughts on “Pink & Black

  1. Cute pictures! Do you have any tips for someone (me) who has been sewing for a while but is just starting using a machine? Also, any good patterns you would recommend? Thanks 🙂

    1. Thank you! It was hard for me at the beginning when I just got my machine. I experimented with it a lot. For example, I would get a piece of cloth and try different stirches on it. That way I knew how each one was different. I think it also helps to use a petal (if your machine has one) so you are always in control and use the lowest speed because that way it is less likely to mess up.

      I use patterns from Liberty Jane Clothing and All Things With Purpose. If you sign up for the Liberty Jane newsletter, every Friday they send Trening Patterns and a Freebie Friday pattern. I always download the free patterns 🙂 I also just search for patterns on Google and Pinterest. Sometime I use the same patterns for many different things and just adjust the size or length.
      I still have a lot to learn and have been sewing doll clothes for about 6 months.
      I hope that helped! Good luck!

      1. Thanks!!! (and if you’re wondering why I have different icons, it’s because I travel a lot, and visit my grandparents, so it changes for each computer)

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