Falling for Fall

Fall brings great weather and so many fun activities with it such as picking pine cones, playing in fallen leaves, and having picnics. Pumpkins are harvested and Thanksgiving is celebrated in this time of year.

This is the first fall outfit I made for Abriella. I used the patterns and instructions from All Things With Purpose American Girl Doll Pajamas (the pattern works even though these are not  pajamas).

IMG_0058 copyIMG_0071 copyIMG_0079 copyIMG_0084 copyIMG_0093 copy

7 thoughts on “Falling for Fall

  1. Awesome! Looking at your instagram old pics. I love the sleeping in Ramadan one 🙂
    Do you speak Arabic? A lot of my family is in the UAE.

      1. I haven’t been posting pics for a while on my instagram 😦 I’ll tell youif I do 😉

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